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Cyber Liability

Fills gaps left by the average cyber endorsement on your general liability policy.

Covers losses that are discovered during the policy period - even if the breach occurred prior to the effective date of the policy.

Cybercrime Cover

Social engineering scams, invoice fraud, ransomware, cryptojacking & targeted extortion.

Who Needs this Coverage

Every business that has an electronic footprint needs to consider cyber liability and cyber crime.  Everyone from Insurance Agents to Public Entities.

Unlimited Reinstatement

Unlimited reinstatement for first party coverage.  No policy aggregate gives insureds full benefits.

Limits, Deductibles & Premiums

Max. Limit - $10,000,000
Max. Deductible - $2,500
Min. Deductible - $0 
(Min. Premium No Crime) $750
(Min. Premium With Crime) $1,250

Cyber Liability: Information
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